Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This one was a staff favorite on smoothie experimentation day.

Amaretto Iced Smoothie

(serves 1)


1/2 oz amaretto
1/2 oz Kahlua
1 large scoop Wheeler's Black Label Espresso or Chocolate ice cream
6oz. espresso, chilled
Whipped "cream"
pinch of cocoa powder for garnish


Blend all ingredients in a blender (except whipped "cream"). Blend until smooth. Serve immediately. Top with whipped cream and dust top with cocoa powder.

... Can you tell we like Amaretto?

Friday, January 11, 2008

New Recipe!

Hey everyone, here is a fantastic recipe using Amaretto almond liqueur and our original Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream. Enjoy!

3/4 oz Amaretto almond liqueur
1 Aaraschino cherry
2 Scoops vanilla ice cream

Blend vanilla ice cream and amaretto in a blender until smooth. Pour into cocktail glass and add a cherry on top!